Are you a small company with up to 15 employees or bigger one but less than 50 people, or do you have even hundreds of employees and ask yourself if such a help is applicable for your company size? The size of your business does not matter, not even your branch.

Every successful company needs appropriate ways of working, communication, organizing and management. What really matters is choosing an appropriate solution just for your real needs. I rather choose a simple solutions over the complex systems. But we often do not see the simple options because we are immersed in the problem too deeply. And that is the moment when the insight of the other person with experience from somewhere else helps us.

If you are still interested in how to improve business processes and allow your further growth, we can make it together.


I provide consultation and specialize in the following cases:

  • you do not finish your orders as easily as you wish and want to better organize production steps to improve the situation,
  • you need a constultation how to find a place or save time in production to handle increasing amount of orders,
  • you have already started the change but the implementation is too slow or seems impossible to finish,
  • you want to systematically prepare for your business grow to handle new orders or new type of product launch without difficulty and want to use proven and functional management tools,
  • you move a part of your production to another place, want to prepare whole action carefully and completely to do not bring your orders in risk,
  • you have an employee who works on projects and needs to discuss and consult own ideas, strategies or ways of communication.


Mentoring is a good choice for you when you have an employee who introduces changes or manages projects, does not have great experience yet and you want to help him with faster development of his skills.

Project lead

Temporary help can be an option when you have already decided to streamline your practices but do not want to make it by yourself.

You did not find your case in my offer and would like to ask if I can help you? Do not hesitate to contact me via or phone + 420 739 678 121. I am glad to answer your questions.

You do not look for consultations but would like to learn how to manage projects and changes by yourself? Choose from my courses where I share my experience.



I know, sometimes it is not easy to understand, so I have decided to closer describe one of the possible scenario how our cooperation can look like.

You have a number of orders that you do not manage to deliver on time, and more often sent a poor quality piece to the customer. You are a small company that has begun to grow, but the amount of orders is not as easy to manage as in the past. You would like to get rid of the issues.

We choose consultation and proposal of changes which will improve your processing time and resolve the low quality. You want to implement the necessary changes by yourself and wish to use consultation for your employee also for time of changes implementation to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

The intensive part of our cooperation begins. Me and your employee, who will later manage the changes, will be working together from the beginning. We walk through the places where the order is done to see it from start to finish. It is not only about production, but also about logistics, the preparation of orders etc. We look for bottlenecks, steps where defects occur, unnecessary steps are taken and so on. We will prepare recommendation what to change and how to improve the process. There are minor changes proposed, but also actions that may require small or larger investments. All suggestions contribute to the required result.

Next important phase is decision making of changes you want to implement. After our discussion you made your choice for changes you want to invest time or money.

The last and critical part is the realization itself. You start to implement the selected changes. During that time I meet your employee and you when needed to discuss and help with challenging situations. I help you to overcome the obstacles you can encounter before all is done to your satisfaction.

The time needed can be different. It may be only two weeks and I spend just a few hours with you. In a small company with a few employees, everything is usually very fast. The change takes more time in larger companies with dozens or hundreds of employees, Small changes can happen within days anywhere, bigger changes will take longer.

However, all depends on you at the end. How quickly you want to refresh the inner processes and what plans you have for your development.