I believe, it is better to teach someone “how to do it” instead of doing it for someone.

I like to share my experience and knowledge with you and your employees in the field of Project management and tools used. For successful project realization you need engaged people on board to smoothly implement the change, so we will touch the People leadership topics too.

Do you have skilled people who are supposed to introduce changes in your company or department? Would you like to get more information about Project management, Process management or smart tools for effective work?

I can offer you training as per your needs in following areas.

Project management — project phases and used tools, document templates for clear communication of your project realization, team cooperation and people management topics, risk management, change in project management, solving of complicated situations, practice (2—4 days training as per range of topics)

Process management — process management understanding and process importance in organizations, key for effective process management, tools for process description and control, value stream mapping, selected tools for process improvement, practice (2—4 days training as per range of topics)

Process optimization — short introduction to processes in organizations, value stream mapping, tools for process optimization, continuous improvement of processes in organization, practice (2—3 days training as per range of topics)

Change management — change process, change communication, motivation, what to be aware of during change implementation to prevent failure, how to successfully finish the change to be permanent, practice (1—2 days training as per range of topics)

Lean tools — what is “Lean”, Lean tools introduction, when to use which tool and when not, practice of the tools you will use at first in your business (2—3 days training as per range of topics)

My courses are tailored with choosing the useful tools and practice for small, medium-sized but also large companies. I am a lecturer working in Brno but I can come to your company anywhere in the Czech Republic.

To be able to understand what will be the best fit for your business, please contact me contact me via or phone + 420 739 678 121.