Jiri Ocadlik

In the period at the beginning of the decade, we needed to massively change the production processes in FEI, to expand the production area; we developed and implemented a number of new microscopes, some were transferred from our other sites.
It was a period of a great change, when the factory, certainly significant, locally the largest, became the largest manufacturer of the technologically most advanced electron microscopes in the world.
The changes involved a number of excellent professionals and Svetla proven successful among them. She never balked at a new project or new challenges, she was determined, systematical and worked with a wit. I think these are the main causes of her success in the field so masculine as electron microscopy is. It is the result of her work and a number of cooperating teams, that manufacturing processes have experienced a large increase in efficiency, quality and productivity, while tripled the volume in three years. The reason for company to produce more in the Brno factory were not only lower costs any more, but significantly higher productivity, speed, quality and flexibility of the customer oriented production process compared to the other sites. This is a prerequisite for the factory of the future. Svetla helped us to introduce science into the production process.

RNDr. Jiri Ocadlik, Vice President Manufacturing, FEI Company


Libor Vanek

Svetla worked for ADC Czech Republic in the Engineering department as a Process Engineer for more than 3 years. It was a very dynamic environment with a lot of challenges related to the transfer of production from different locations and the consequent improvement of the processes.
Svetla was a very valuable member of the team, she was proactive in finding solutions and was well respected by both her colleagues and production staff. I have no reservation in recommeding her work in technical and engineering field. She has extensive knowledge in the field of Lean Manufacturing, Project Management and Process Optimization, which she is able to use in the practical way.

Ing. Libor Vanek, MBA, Plant manager, ViskoTeepak


Keith Price

I met Svetla on my first visit to Brno as vice President of quality in FEI. I was in a meeting in which Svetla gave a presentation on what she and the team we’re doing to reduce out of box reduce defects. This included cost-benefit analysis. I strongly disagreed with some of the assumptions that were made and voiced those concerns. I remember to this day the way that Svetla strongly defended the teams work. She was a young engineer and I was the vice president that did not phase her, while she showed me respect she was strong in her beliefs.
That initial interaction had such an effect on me that over the rest of my time at the company I watched her career as she progressed to roles of ever increasing responsibility and complexity broadening her portfolio of skills and building the reputation as valuable leader in the company.
She has deepen her skills in operational excellence, defined stragegy and managed projects which had major efect on factory productivity. Later she developed her leadership skills to a greater depth as departmental manager.
I have great faith in Svetla´s ability to get things done and manage them for results. Anyone who hires or engages Svetla I am sure will be very satisfied with their decision.

Keith Price, Principle, Keith Price and Associates


Michal Meissner

Svetla is not affraid of new challenges and projects of various scales. Many of her projects have had essential importance across the company and were completed successfully. She can clearly present her ideas and sell them afterwards. I believe she will be just as successful at every step.

Michal Meissner, Ph.D., Manager Engineering NPI TEM, Thermo Fisher Scientific