About me

I have  got the master degree from Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 2004.

I have more than 15 years of experience as Process and Manufacturing  Engineer, Project lead and Program manager. I have also worked as a Leader of the group of 15 Engineers from various technical branches.

As a Project lead I have focused on new process introduction and changes implementation. I have run the activities to improve the cooperation between company departments and sites. I have got strong experience with new products introduction to manufacturing, material workflow optimization, manufacturing transfers to other sites worldwide or outsourcing and a lot more.

I have led dozens of projects from small to big ones and helped others to successfully lead their own. I have also introduced many changes of the company processes used on a daily basis.

I can use the tool used to ease the discussion, manage the production processes for example Lean tools. I know various Project management methodologies  for example DMAIC. Check what I can share with you on page Trainings.

I have worked for production companies FEI Czech Republic, ADC, Andrew Telecommunications or Bosch.

I love reading books. I can find there fun but also wider point of view on topics I need for work and life.

I constantly learn and look for trends and information about process managment and related tools.

I also like books about self-development and communication between people. When I can find the book where the text written in a way which understandable for a layman I enjoy it even more. It helps me to better assess the situation and understand the needs of others.

If you are still curious who I am and what skills I have please visit my professional  profile on Linkedin.